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Did You Know: Glaucoma Awareness Month

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January is Glaucoma awareness month. I think a lot of us still get confused about what Glaucoma is exactly. We might only know that it’s that puff of air test during our eye exam that we all dread! And what does that thing do?

That machine or Non-Contact Tonometer measures the resistance of the front layer of our eye. If we have glaucoma, the fluid is building up in our eyes, causing a harder eyeball. It’s something that we wouldn’t feel, so that’s why you are always tested for it during your eye exam. In Glaucoma, when the fluid increases in your eye, it puts pressure on the back of it, damaging the optic nerve. This can result in a loss of your side or peripheral vision. So someone that has glaucoma can generally see well straight ahead, but not as well to the sides.

Fortunately, if it is caught in the early stages, it is well controlled with eye drops or laser treatment. Unfortunately, you will never get back the vision you’ve lost, but you can slow or prevent further loss.  I hope this helps explain this disease a little better. Book an appointment to have your complete eye exam including your glaucoma screening today!

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