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 Is Blepharitis Contagious?

Close-up of a child with a stye on the eyelid.

Have you ever felt like your eyelids are itchy, inflamed, or irritated? If so, you might have blepharitis—a common eye condition that causes inflammation and irritation around your eyelids. While it’s treatable with the help of your optometrist many people find themselves wondering: is blepharitis contagious

Fortunately, the answer is no. […]

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How Long Does an Eye Exam Take?

A boy is covering his left eye during a visual acuity test.

Our eyes are the windows to our soul, so we must look after them with annual eye exams.  Eye exams are a crucial aspect of our general wellness. They make it possible to diagnose eye disorders and vision correction, but they also enable the discovery of additional medical conditions. Adults should have an eye exam […]

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