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Did You Know: Blue Light Glasses

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Blue Light Glasses. Should I get them?

This I think, is the most common question I have been asked over the last couple of months. I guess it’s really not surprising with all of us, including our kids, on devices so much more.

Here’s the deal – they help block the glare, more specifically the short-wavelength blue light, that can cause eyestrain. So if you work all day on a computer, or if your child is on one for quite a few hours, consider them. Especially consider them if your eyes are sore, or you have been getting more headaches, at the end of the day. They also help with blocking the glare off headlights at night. They can be a prescription pair of glasses, or can just be plain plastic. It’s a coating that’s applied to the lenses. Many companies now have their version of this coating, some have a slightly yellow tint, while some are almost clear.

Come talk to us if you would like more information on these glasses.

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