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Did You Know: Dry Eyes

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Are your eyes feeling dry, burning and irritated?

I’m finding with lots of us wearing masks and spending more time on screens, we seem to be dealing with more dry eyes.

Having dry eyes, as those of you that have them know, it is not an easy fix. One of the most common causes of dry eyes is when the tiny oil or meibomian glands become plugged up. These glands are located along our eyelid margins, just inside our eyelashes.


What Can I Do To Help With Dry Eyes?

Try running a facecloth under fairly warm water, and holding that over your eyes for 10 minutes. The cloth will cool off, so you will need to reheat it. Even better, there are masks you can buy that you heat up in the microwave, they retain their heat better. The heat will help to open the oil glands so the oil can be released forming part of your tears.

Be sure to remove your makeup well every night, and then apply some heat. The number of times I see remnants of mascara and eyeliner caught in these little glands …it isn’t pretty and makes our eyes dry.

Don’t be afraid to use artificial tears. Preservative-free are best. Try to use them at least 2x a day, morning and night. If you find you are still suffering from dry eyes, come talk to us. There are now prescription drops available that can work for more severe dry eyes.

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