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Did You Know: Computer Vision Syndrome

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Computer Vision Syndrome: It is the eye-related problems that result from prolonged computer, tablet, e-reader and cell phone use.

These days we all seem to be having increased screen time.  Our eyes can feel blurry, strained, and dry.  Eye muscles get fixed at that constant screen distance, and after a while, everything can look blurry. These muscles get too tired to keep focus and change focus! Here are some tips to try and remember the next time you’re on your computer:

  • Remember to take breaks every half an hour looking out the window for a minute, or get up and wander around your house for a bit
  • Try to reduce the glare that comes off your screen.  There are now blue light filters for your glasses that can help with this.
  • Remember to blink!

Why Does This Happen?

Studies show we blink 1/3 as much when we stare at a screen, drying our eyes out.  When we blink fully, our eyelids come together to release oils out of our tiny (meibomian) glands that produce part of our tear layer.  The tear layer coats our eyes and prevents dryness.

I’ve had some patients mention they attach a sticky note to their computer with the word “Blink”!  If your symptoms persist, come talk to us!  There are different artificial tears and therapeutic lenses that can help with computer vision syndrome.

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